Rebecca Preston

Animal Behaviour Expert

and Trainer

(250) 327-3628

"Not only are you a great dog trainer but, you're an even better people trainer." 

                                -Elisa Schafhauser

Rebecca is a Nanaimo dog trainer, animal behaviourist and the owner of Nanaimo K9 Training and Rehabilitation. She has rehabilitated and trained hundreds of dogs all over Canada! References from past and present clients are always available by request.  Known as the Vancouver Island Dog Whisperer or the last resort trainer for the hardest cases Rebecca specializes in dog aggression training in Nanaimo and area. She also offers dog training in Nanaimo for dog obedience training.

"Training is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated. Animals understand with ease when you make the right thing easy and the wrong thing hard. Its time we learn something from mother nature"

Nanaimo K9 Training And Rehabilitation Dog Aggression Training in Nanaimo