The month Jaeger was rescued I was told by witnesses that "Jaeger’s skin was hanging off of bone" and "he could barely walk" etc.

The week of Jaeger's rescue he was taken to a vet and the vet noted in her report that Jaeger was "extremly malnourished with a body condition scale of 2/5" Fortunately, I also have a copy of that veterinary report as well. The pictures of him from the time of his rescue tell the story of his terrible condition.

I have sued the adoptive parties for ownership of Jaeger back, and

I brought Jaeger home in December 2010, and from the start he had quite a knack for training. Over the years Jaeger helped me rehabilitate hundreds of dogs with aggression issues as well as assist as my company demo dog in numerous obedience classes.

Due to some unforseen circumstances I was forced to downsize from my large property and move into a much smaller residence and since I had been planning to retire Jaeger to a family pet from a demo dog as he was getting older I found myself with a decision to make. With what I thought was his best interests at heart I rehomed him to people who I thought were good hearted friends that also had a large property with other dogs where he could live out the rest of his years happily with more space then he would have if he moved with me.

This wasn't easy and it took a long time for me to make that call. But as I knew my changing circumstances were fast approaching, I had to put Jaeger first. His happiness made the decision easier.

I did up an adoption agreement with the adoptive parties and in this agreement it stated that the adoptees would provide adequate food, water and shelter to my Jaeger. These obligations were unfortunately not met and in July 2015 only five months after he was adopted he dropped from 96 pounds down to 73 pounds - a total of 23 pounds in five months.

To my complete shock I took Jaeger to the vet worried he had some form of cancer or something making him lose such an enormous amount of weight.

Update: December 14, 2016

I am pleased to advise that the other parties and I have - through mutual agreement - settled our differences and Jaeger has returned to me and living with my family Shannon Lord. Because this matter was before the civil courts, I cannot elaborate further, but want to thank everyone who has supported me for their kind wishes and assure those who are worried that there is no cause for concern. I also want to thank the other parties for their cooperation in coming to resolution.

February 2017 Update!

He had another vet visit (we do them every few weeks) he's doing awesome! He now weighs 90 pounds! Vet says he needs to gain about another 5lbs and he'll be perfect! He's on a steady gain now. The supplements he's getting really seem to be helping. His fur is soft and shiny and growing now. The vet said he has a body scale of a high 4 out of 5 now. He was initially a 2 out of 5. Energy levels are great and he's building a nice level of muscle now which is really helping his mobility. He was now healthy enough for her to give him all his shots (except the boosters those will be next visit)

Thank you everyone for your support! x here.


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The vet I saw (and paid for out of my pocket) did a full check up and blood and urine panel. The results came back that he was of good health but needed to be eating at least 2000 calories per day as he had lost a significant amount of weight including fat and muscle. 

This particular vet followed up with the new owners within a couple of days with an email. The email stated it was important for them to come back in in a months time to assess his weight gain. This did not happen. I asked the adoptees to please feed him more, that I was concerned, I even offered to pay for his food myself. On every occasion I was told to mind my own business. I also found out that he was not been given proper housing, in fact he often had nowhere to sleep and was left outside even during stormy nights. When I asked them to abide by the agreement, again I was told that he was their dog and they could do as they wished. This was a dog who had never sleep outside in his life. He was a house dog.

September 2nd 2017 update!

As you all know Jaeger is home now. He is a healthy weight and has regained all of his muscle back, the vets are pleased and so are we!

Jaeger was adopted by my best friend Shannon and her family in December 2016 following the court matter, which he will continue to be for the remainder of his years. Due to my current place of residence and some business specifics Jaeger cannot permanently reside with me. This friend is my family; has been like a sister to me, and has been so for more than a decade now. She has known Jaeger all his life and the two of them have always had a special bond. She has been instrumental in bringing Jaeger home and also in his rehabilitation. Jaeger will never have to move again and will always have a stable and wonderful environment. Please understand I could not disclose this information prior as I needed to ensure Jaeger was safe from the people who neglected and abused him. I want him to be safe and happy for the remainder of his years. This is the perfect place for him.

Jaeger's Story

in December 2016, we reached a settlement allowing Jaeger to come home.

Understand that this isn't just a dog. He has been my companion and work mate for years. I made a promise to him that he was going to be happier there, I feel I failed him by believing someone else could give him a better retirement then me. I owe this to him now.

Thank you so much for reading our story...

Rebecca Preston