* By submitting payment you are agreeing to the following terms

1. By receipt of payment you are agreeing that you are leaving your pet with Nanaimo K9 Training and Rehabilitation or training in a group or private lesson with Nanaimo K9 Training and Rehabilitation, that you are the legal Owner/Guardian and you certify to the accuracy of all information provided to Nanaimo K9 Training and Rehabilitation in writing or orally about the Pet. Nanaimo K9 reserves the right to deny admittance to the pet for any reason at any time.

2. Nanaimo K9 will require a deposit to secure your booking with the full payment to be made on arrival. All prices and availability are subject to change until we have received the appropriate cleared funds from all parties. The deposit amount will vary depending on the type of training required.

3. You will receive a Booking Confirmation email with full details of your booking, deposit and final payment details.

4. Non-receipt of your payment, by the stated due date, will result in your booking being cancelled.

All deposits are non-refundable

5. Owner/Guardian certifies that their pet is in good health and have given Nanaimo K9 full disclosure in writing  or orally of any health issues and behavioural issues.

6. Owner/Guardian acknowledges and agrees that they are assuming all risks of illness, disease harm or otherwise to their pet by allowing their pet to stay or train with Nanaimo K9. Nanaimo K9 agrees to exercise reasonable care of the pet during it's board and train or private/group lesson.  During transport in a motor vehicle, owner/guardian holds Nanaimo K9 and staff harmless in the event of injury or accident during transportation.

7. Owner/Guardian agrees to be solely responsible for any and all acts or behavior of the Pet while in the care of Nanaimo K9 including payment of costs of injury to staff or other animals or damage to facilities caused by the Pet.

8. In the unlikely event of an emergency during a board and train, Nanaimo K9 will attempt to contact the Pet’s personal veterinarian as well as the emergency contact provided to Nanaimo K9 by Owner/Guardian; however, such an emergency might not provide the time to do so prior to the administration of care. Owner/Guardian authorizes Nanaimo K9 to obtain medical attention for the Pet from any qualified veterinarian and to transport the Pet to and from such veterinarian when Nanaimo K9 deems such medical care is important to Pet’s health and agrees to pay all medical costs.

9. Owner/Guardian agrees that they are soley responsible for the maintenance training following the board and train or private/group lesson, that in the event of failure to maintain or take the advice of Nanaimo K9 could result in your pets training being undone and owner agrees this is not a reflection of Nanaimo K9's training ability or service. Owner is also responsible for staying in contact with Nanaimo K9 to ensure proper training protocals are being met to the Nanaimo K9 standards.

10. Clients agree that all consultation phone calls are free of charge and that post session and post board and train calls, text messages and emails are billed at $90 per hour.
 * Board and train customers are given a complementary phone call per week for three months following the board and train and 1 free follow up session per month following the board and train.

11. Clients agree to release photo and video to the ownership of Nanaimo K9 Training and Rehabilitation for promotional or educational purposes.

12. Clients agree to submit vaccination records to Nanaimo K9 by email or hard copy proving vaccination against parvovirus, distemper, rabies and parainfluenza.

In submitting payment, the client agrees that they have read, fully understand and consent to all content of this policy and waiver. These policies are subject to change without notice.


"We promise to deliver brutal honesty and total transparency, leaving you feeling safe, 

confident and in control!"


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* Taxes are not included in prices
* Please read our policy and waiver at the bottom of this page

Private Obedience Lessons- $167.50 * plus GST 

Private Behaviour Modification Lessons

(food aggression, dog aggression, prey aggression, human aggression, OCD, hyper activity, fear, incessant barking, digging, chewing) - $275.00 * plus GST 

Nanaimo K9's Board and Train Rehabilitation Program 
This program is designed for dogs with behavioural issues that need more than just a "once per week lesson" with the trainer. We spend extensive time with your dog working on all of the behavioural issues you are facing.
On the board and train pick up date, we will coach you on how to maintain the training. And the best part is, you will receive 3 free follow up lessons with us following the board and train! -  Minimum two weeks - $1,995.00 * plus GST 

Foundation Group Class - Class Start Date is May 5th at 1pm (Please contact us to enroll) 

Learn everything you need to know in order to raise the perfect dog! Whether you have a young puppy or a rescue dog, these fun and interactive classes with BC's top trainer in animal behaviour will get you started on the right path, preventing unwanted issues from occurring down the road!  - 6 week course $705.00 * plus GST 

Group Behaviour Modification Class - Class Start Date is May 5th at 2:30pm (Please contact us to enroll)

Aggression? Fear? Dominance? No Problem! This program is designed for the dogs that have behavioural issues that aren't able to be in regular training classes. Nanaimo K9 specializes in behaviour issues and behaviour modification! We encourage you to sign up for our group Behaviour Modification Class so that we can teach you along with the rest of the group how to have a safe, willing and controlled partner!  - 6 week course $1,350.00 * Plus GST

Please see policy and waiver below.